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We are a modern label supplier who knows how to make messages stick. You deserve being noticed and that's why we find smart, sustainable solutions that work for you. Whether you need standard labels, technically advanced RFID tags, or a label printer.

Solutions | Labels

It may seem cocky to say that we know everything about how to make a mark, but a label is so much more than just a way to mark things. It creates recognition, conveys a message and proves that the product meets requirements and standards.

Solutions | Printer ribbon

We have the experience and knowledge necessary to recommend the right printer ribbon for your labels. With Märkas as your supplier, changing printer ribbons is as easy as changing label material in the printer.

Solutions | Print & Apply

We like to label most things. With the right equipment, it's easy to make durable prints that attaches to almost any surface, without getting yourself into a sticky situation. With a barcode scanner or PDA, you can quickly and easily read the information from your labels.

Solutions | Service & Support

We at Märkas make a mark by offering the best possible service and support to our customers. We are a committed and proactive partner and will help you all the way, from start to finish. And if you have a service agreement, our experienced technicians are just a call away.

Our products have a strong attachment to several segments. With us as your supplier, you are in safe hands. We understand how your market works and what safety and sustainability requirements your products should meet. Naturally, we always approach you with knowledge, dedication and flexibility.

Segment | Industrial

The manufacturing industry delivers products with high standards of safety, durability and quality. Our complete solutions are smart, durable and cost-effective. This to ensure the most efficient and smooth production flow possible.

Segment | Automotive

In the automotive industry, marking is essential to create recognition, certify quality and prove that the vehicle meets safety requirements. A vehicle is a premium product that often has a significantly longer service life than other products on the market and thus labelling becomes particularly important. We are certified according to IATF 16949 and manufacture labels to match your needs and wishes.

Segment | Consumer & Retail

Give your product the label it deserves! Our label solutions help you strengthen your brand and create recognition, while protecting your design against counterfeits and pirate copies.

Segment | Food

The food industry is a segment where you really want to make a mark and stand out. The label helps build your brand while providing the customer with information about the contents of the product.

Segment | Healthcare

We understand the value of security, safety and clarity for those who manufacture or use products in the healthcare segment. Our offer includes labels with security solutions and complex multi-page labels for autoclaving or backside pagination.

Segment | Logistics & e-commerce

Logistics & e-commerce: The logistics industry is rapidly developing, using new technologies and automated solutions. Clients' expectations on fast and smooth deliveries are growing and we help developing systems that make the process easier, from ordering to distribution. Our logistics solutions help simplify and streamline your flow.