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Labels for all products and surfaces

It may seem cocky to say that we know everything about how to make a mark, but a label is so much more than just a way to mark things. It creates recognition, conveys a message and proves that the product meets requirements and standards.


There are many good reasons to label a product. Perhaps it’s one of a kind and has received an award? Or maybe it contains chemicals that can be harmful in case of mishandling. A label can be the one thing that distinguishes a genuine product from a copy. Whether the purpose is to inform, instruct, or identify, we can help you create labels with messages that stick in the mind of the receiver.


Our labels are available in all kinds of designs, from simple unprinted standard labels to advanced solutions and various types of multi-page labels. We offer several types of materials, adhesives and printing methods. Give your label the right feel with foiling, embossing, UV lacquer or Braille writing. Ensure traceability with pagination, one- or two-dimensional barcodes or RFID. Your needs determine what your label should do.


Printed labels are one of our specialties and we can meet most requests. We use flexo, screen and digital printing methods. Our different printing methods work on most materials available on the market and can be combined to maximise coverage. By choosing the right technology, we make exclusive visual and functional effects such as UV lacquer, Braille printing, foiling and safety solutions. And if you need multi-page labels, we can of course arrange that, too. We are happy to work closely with our customers to find the optimal solution for your specific needs and wishes.


RFID is a smart technical solution that saves information in a tag that can be scanned from a distance. RFID means Radio Frequency Identification and helps you track and identify your products quickly and reliably. Today RFID is used within e-commerce, logistics and retail. You may have encountered the technology in bus cards, access cards or as anti-theft tags in stores. By reading multiple codes at the same time, you can easily identify individual articles or entire batches even if you can’t see the label. RFID is an effective way of tracking the flow from raw material to finished product, making it easier to comply with EU and FDA rules, certifying authenticity and detecting counterfeits.

RFID is constantly evolving, and even tiny tags can contain large amounts of information. We provide labels with integrated RFID tags. And if you need equipment to write, program or read RFID tags, we have that too! Watch the video showing how the postal company Bring uses our RFID equipment to handle your letters and parcels from warehouse to delivery.


To export to the United States, your products need a UL approved label. For Canada there is a corresponding marking called CSA. The marking means that the label meets all the safety, performance and environmental requirements issued by the US authorities. One requirement is that it should be difficult to remove the label. The information on UL and CSA labels is important for product traceability, warning messages and safety, and therefore it needs to be readable throughout the product’s lifetime.

We are a modern label supplier with knowledge of international standards, and we are happy to help you develop the right solution. Do you need UL or CSA branded products? We have a wide range of already approved labels for both indoor and outdoor applications, for different surfaces and temperature ranges. In addition, we have the knowledge required to tailor-make the label for your particular export product.

We also work with the BS5609 standard, for chemical products transported by boat. According to the regulations, labels must remain in place and be readable after three months of exposure to the marine environment and to work properly even if the goods need to be salvaged from a shipwreck or in the event of loss of cargo. We can also assist you with ADR marking for the transport of dangerous goods, such as labels for chemicals.


There is a great demand for unprinted labels, especially for various transport and logistics solutions. We produce and provide several unprinted labels for our customers. For example, labels for marking boxes, pallets and other transport packaging are given product information and a barcode after they arrive at the customers.

Märkas offers a wide variety of formats, materials and adhesives to meet your needs. Our unprinted labels are made of paper or synthetic materials, ranging from standard shipping labels to Odette and VDA. The label may look simple on the surface, while its solution, construction and adhesion may be complex. Unprinted labels can be provided with a RFID tag to increase traceability and communication capabilities. We are happy to help you find a complete solution, including the right printer and printer ribbon for your marking purposes.


Standard labels are a smart choice with short delivery time. Our range contains a wide variety of materials, formats and adhesives. We offer two types of printing techniques and materials solutions: Direct Thermo and Thermo Transfer. Direct Thermo is often used for logistics labelling where the print’s lifetime doesn’t have to be very long. Thermo Transfer, combined with the correct printer ribbon, provides a durable print on the label.


Our print shop is for those without their own printing equipment or that cannot print their own labels. Here you can easily order prints in both black and multi-colour for your existing labels. We offer several forms of printing, from barcodes and serial numbers to other variable information. If you need extra durable labels whose lamination can withstand both abrasion and strong solvents, we will arrange it. No assignment is too small or too big for us — we accept orders of all volumes and requirements. You can send a file ready for printing, or we can help you design it. And if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!